Musings about Parenting Through Culinary Creations

A Tangible Friendship


Our Friendship

We met in 2007 as California transplants in the Midwest at a graduate school potluck. What started as a California connection grew into a strong friendship. Having “grown-up” together through the early years of marriage, having children, starting careers and moving away from each other, we maintained our friendship and often relied on each other for emotional support, recipes, and sometimes having hilariously random conversations (really, you should see our text messages to each other). Through various conversations, we realized that we could create a great forum to share our recipes and stories and Tangible Truths was born! We can’t wait to share this space with you!

Jessika Flores

Jessika is a California native living in Columbus Ohio with her husband,  two children, geriatric dog, insane cat, and adopted on a whim beta fish named Villy. Jessika was a nanny for six years while attending the Art Institute in Chicago, but became an early childhood educator when she moved to Columbus. After having her own children she decided to stay home with her circus, and is now a child wrangler by day writer and artist by night. Cooking has always been a passion and enjoyment in her life.  She believes that so many experiences can be shared through food and the process of cooking.

Praveena Gummadam

Praveena lived in India, California and the Midwest before settling down in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband and two daughters. She has an MA in Psychology and worked in Human Resources before making the decision to become a stay at home parent. She loves to eat, cook, try new recipes and cuisines and believes that food has the power to bring people together.

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